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Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing Today For Your Website’s SEO


Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it rank higher in the search engine result pages. Higher visibility in the search engine result pages will lead to an increase in traffic and revenue for your business.

One important thing you need to know about SEO is that it is always changing. Techniques that used to work earlier might not be relevant today. Therefore, you need to be always on the lookout for the latest optimization techniques so that you can stay ahead of your competition. Here is a list of the top five things you should be doing today to optimize your website for search engines:

1. Mobile Optimization

If your website doesn’t work on mobile, you are leaving more than 50% of search engine traffic on the table. Keep in mind that mobile traffic has surpassed traffic from all other devices. Your website should be as accessible on mobile as it is on desktop.

The starting point of mobile optimization should be loading speed and readability. Make sure your website loads fast on mobile devices. Also, the design should be optimized for mobile devices. It should be easy for users to find relevant information.

There are several free tools available online that allow you to check how well optimized your website is for mobile devices. Make sure your website is designed with a responsive theme. In addition to a responsive theme, you should also make sure that website images are optimized for speed.

2. Content Optimization

There was a time when frequently published low-quality content used to be enough for high rankings but those days are long gone. These days, you need to focus on the best quality of content you are able to produce so that you can increase the search engine traffic for your website.

The first step towards content optimization is keyword research. Use free as well as paid tools to determine keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. Think about variations of these keywords and make sure these variations are naturally included in the content. When it comes to placement of keywords, make sure your top relevant keyword is part of the page title and the page URL. Relevant keywords should also be part of the web page metadata.

You should also focus on the constant upgrading of the existing content. The relevancy of your website depends a lot on posting the super high-quality content. So, make sure every single piece of content published on your website is relevant and true.

3. Website Loading Speed

Internet users these days expect website pages to load instantly. If your web page takes long to load, users will click the back button and leave your website before it has even loaded. Therefore, loading speed is not only a highly relevant factor for SEO but also for user experience.

Research has shown that faster loading websites not only rank higher but also generate more conversions. Google has also categorically stated that the web page loading speed is one of the ranking factors. It might not have as much weight as some of the other ranking factors but it is something completely under your control. Make use of online tools to determine the factors that are affecting the page loading speed and optimize those elements to make sure your website loads fast.

4. Featured Snippets

You must have noticed these snippets that appear at the top of search results. It is an attempt by Google to provide relevant information to users as quickly as they can. You should take advantage of this feature by adopting a strategy to rank as many of your webpages in the featured snippets as possible.

The key to get featured is to do proper keyword research. Once you have discovered relevant keywords, you should answer some questions based on these keywords. If possible, make a numbered list and provide relevant information in a simple style.

5. Backlinks

One of the most common misconceptions or misinformation prevalent in the current SEO world is that backlinks are not as important as they once were but nothing could be further from the truth. There are indeed several factors that affect the search engine rankings but backlinks are still an important part of the algorithm. Therefore, you should adopt various strategies to attract backlinks from awesome websites.

Google suggests creating high quality, relevant and unique content to naturally attract links. However, creating good content is no longer enough to can get links. You also need to share content on your social media channels so that it gets in front of people who will then naturally link to it if they find the content useful.


Overall, search engine optimization is always changing. The key to optimizing your website is to keep it fresh and provide optimized and useful content for your readers. The above-mentioned tips should help you get started with the SEO of your website.