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Easy Things You Can Do To Help Your Website SEO – A Helpful Guide For Beginners


While it is better to get as technical as possible with search engine optimization strategies, there are certain aspects you do not need an expert for. And this helpful guide for beginners will share easy things you can do to help your website SEO. If you are just starting out, the following tips can definitely help.

Keep Publishing Interesting Content

The first thing you have to keep in mind is to publish on a regular basis. Content is critical for any website, and the more content the better. However, you want to be specific about the topics you ultimately put out there. Do you have a niche website? Are you focused on a particular area?

The point is to zone into your niche. Provide readers with useful information and keep the content in line with the overall theme. The moment you start posting general information about everything and nothing, that is when you start losing your audience. Instead, keep visitors coming back by sharing information that is niche related and hard to find.

Tag Content With Strong Keywords

Another very important task for increased exposure comes down to using the right keywords. Think of keywords as the direct link between you and your audience. The more accurate and popular the keywords you use, the better the chance of people finding you through all the noise currently online.

As you read this, there are several tools you can utilize for researching the best keywords. But beware of turning to “blackhat” tricks. This is when irrelevant keywords are used simply because they are popular. And the result is nothing short of damaging. Users hate it when a keyword takes them to a site that talks about something completely different.

Check If The Design Is Responsive

It does not take an internet genius to realize how many different devices access the internet. Some users prefer their smartphones, while others use tablets and laptops. And you can bet on users switching between devices. What does this mean for website owners?

As the website owner, you have to make sure the design of the site can accommodate all these devices. Thanks to factors like different screen sizes and rendering software, it is obvious that users are going to have different experiences with the site.

Hence the reason for checking whether the design is created with different devices in mind. Does it respond well to smartphones and laptops? You want every user to enjoy their time on the site, regardless of the device they access it with.

Increase The Loading Speed

One of the things you quickly realize as a website owner is how users react to the loading speed. When pages take too long to load (more than 2 seconds on average), users are likely to start searching for another site. And there are several elements that determine how quickly your pages are loading.

Start by testing the speed from your server. But do not stop here. You also want to assess everything on your pages/posts. If you are running ads or pop-ups, they are bound to slow down the loading speed. The same can be said if you have a bunch of plugins that load in the background. So, when you struggle with the loading speed, consider trimming non-essential aspects.

Use The Right Plugins

Plugins are installed at the backend, which also means users cannot see these. But they are very important depending on what you are trying to achieve with the site. And without certain plugins to help gain search engine exposure, it becomes more challenging to generate organic traffic.

The trick is to keep a balance between the plugins you install. Too many will slow down the site. But if you only use necessary plugins, it can significantly boost visibility. Hence the reason for strategically choosing the best plugins at the right time.

Reach Out To Authority Sites

If you have not heard of backlinking before, now is the time to get familiar with this tactic. Basically, it translates into creating links that lead to your site. And you want authority sites in the same niche to publish these links because then you start sharing in their traffic.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think. For the most part, you have to build a relationship with other sites before they allow guest posts (the best way to build links).

Use Meta Tags And Descriptions

As a final tip for better SEO and gaining more visibility, use meta tags for any pictures or videos you post. These are like additional keywords that help users to find your site. Straightforward descriptions really help to give users an idea of what to expect if they choose to follow the link.

Naturally, you want to consult with an SEO expert if you want to make your website ultra-competitive. But the above-mentioned tips can also be significant when you put in the effort.